Classes and Sessions

Looking to break-through to that next level?  We will find the mentor/assistant that has the skills and vision to take you there.  The best recordings come from the best performances.  Having a guide on that journey is critical for sanity and success.

Develop your personal sound

We carry top of the line equipment from Neumann, Manley, Neve, Avalon, Solid State Logic and many others to help you sound your best.  We work hard to make sure that what comes out of the speakers achieves the artistry of your musical goals.



We carry a wide range of guitars (Fender, Gibson, Martin...), amplifiers (Mesa Boogie, Fender, Vox, Marshall...), keyboards (Fender Rhodes, Montage 8, Hammond XK5...) and many other musical instruments.



Live recording


Our studio is designed to allow recording of a full band simultaneously to assure the energy that only comes from playing together and musically reacting to what your bandmates play.  Full overdub capabilities along with a wide range of high-end outboard equipment assure for a professional sounding finished product.


Drum studio


The drums are the heartbeat of any band.  We have optimized our drum recording to give that warm acoustic feel with full integrations of triggers (when appropriate) and alternative rhythm instruments to add the novelty and excitement any band may want for their song.


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